Living Proof

Randy Jordan a Pepperdine graduate is living proof to never give up on your dreams.

On March 20 his band Tango Kilo will perform at Blue Ultra Lounge in Agoura Hills a striking accomplishment from his start as a high school band member.

The band will celebrating their new record deal with 9Lives Records and will be playing songs from their newly released CD “Rain in Blue.”

When the band played “The Blue” in February it was a Tango Kilo lovefest. As people started trickling in to the Blue Lounge on Feb. 6 the band of four friends took the stage and started rocking.

Their music is a self-described mix of classic yet modern. 9Lives describes it as retro/alternative. It combines to create a unique sound that is pleasing to a wide audience. There were people ranging from 6 to 60 at the Lounge that night and all were enjoying the music.

“Tango Kilo had a unique sound and their music is really catchy said Pepperdine senior Britney Maloney, who attended the show. I’d definitely see them again.”

Their past venues have ranged from Oregon to Southern California with gigs during the year and tours over the summer when they have more time off. While it was obvious they were having fun it was clear there was something more than four guys that just throw something together for a show.

“This is more than a hobby we’re trying to make it big said Jordan when asked where he saw his band going. He acknowledges that it is a tough path and he isn’t going to quit his day job, but the band is anxious to get back into the studio soon for a second album and continue touring.

Tango Kilo, is made up of David Mancha on guitar/vocal, Robby Kauffman on guitar/vocal, Jeremy Lacey on bass and Jordan on drums. It was Jordan and Mancha, childhood friends and fellow schoolteachers, who started the band. They later adopted the CB radio handle of Kauffman’s truck driver dad, Tom Kauffman, as their band name.

They’ve been getting some good reviews. Jordan’s goal with Tango Kilo was to create music that would define what they thought about the existing world in a free flowing jam band style, according to a recent review. They have a unique sound, alternative rock but not too heavy and raw. Their songs are tight, with retro-type riffs and melody. Most of the lyrics have deep meanings spanning life, love and loss, explains

Said Mike Norton, record producer for Intrigue Sound Labs in San Diego, Calif., where Tango Kilo recorded its new album: They are one of the hottest bands on the L.A. club scene… Really good stuff.”

Music has always been a part of Jordan’s life. He and friends started a band in high school as many teenagers do but the difference is that Jordan didn’t quit. While many give up on their dream after high school he continued playing the drums and writing music.

At Pepperdine he was a member of Campus Crusaders as well as one of the first band members of University Ministries at Malibu Presbyterian Church. The youth pastor approached him to help start a praise and worship band for the University Ministries’ college night. He watched UM grow and said that he would like to come and see how the UM band is progressing.

Jordan has found memories of Pepperdine. He will always consider it home – he is the son of a Seaver professor Dr. Mike Jordan. His father a huge Beatles fan and well known on campus for the “Beatles Museum” in his faculty condo was an influence on his early take to music.

Of course Professor Jordan is a proud father. “On one level the band likes playing their music anytime and anywhere said the elder Jordan.

It’s about playing and creating the music and I love that about them. But they’re trying for that big break at the same time. Just like everyone else.”

Randy Jordan says it is much different to come back to campus after graduation but that there will always be a sense of belonging for him. Jordan is hoping to go back and get a Master’s degree perhaps at Pepperdine.

While the drums are Jordan’s first love he also has a day job. He calls it his “fake job” but he enjoys teaching and coaching middle school students. He is an English teacher and girl’s basketball coach. He enjoys working with kids and plans to stay in a career in education. He also is fond of having summers off so he can spend time touring with his band.

While he might seem like a guy living the dream of teacher by day and rocker by night he is getting married on July 19. No need to worry his soon-to-be wife Jana Woods is completely supportive of his musical career and was cheering him on at the Blue Lounge.

As Jordan looks into his future he is excited to get married and embark on a new chapter in his life. He will continue teaching and coaching at the middle school.

But he also sees himself spending quite a bit more time behind the drums. Jordan is eager for Tango Kilo’s next tour.

For many Pepperdine students Randy Jordan’s success in the music industry offers encouragement to pursue their dreams and not give up. If you have strong motivation and a true desire to keep rocking you can do it.

Tango Kilo’s album “Rain in Blue is available on their website at along with sample MP3’s. Their music can also be accessed at