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Phone Numbers:

Pepperdine Graphic Media General Contact: (310) 506-4311

Pepperdine Graphic Media Advertising: (310) 506-4318


Email Pepperdine Graphic Media: PeppGraphicMedia@gmail.com

  • Applications must be submitted no later than Monday, April 13 for senior leaders and Thursday, April 16 for all other positions.

    For help or questions contact elizabeth.smith@pepperdine.edu
  • Please upload a copy of your resume
    Accepted file types: doc, pdf, jpg, png, gif.
  • (Please use the What You Can Do image above for a list of positions)
    Rank them in order of 1 to 3
  • If you have no idea what you're interested in applying for describe the type of related activities you enjoy:



Pepperdine Graphic Media Fall 2019 Staff:


Senior Leadership: 

Digital Editor:                                                                                   Executive Editor:

Kayiu Wong                                                                                        Channa Steinmetz

Managing Editor:                                                                             News Editor:

Madeleine Carr                                                                                  James Moore

Copy Chief:                                                                                         Pixel Editor:

Bryant Loney                                                                                      Gianni Cocchella

Creative Director:                                                                              Photo Editor:

Natalie Rulon                                                                                       Milan Loiacono

Advertising Director:                                                                        Currents Magazine Editor: 

Soni Rusagara                                                                                      Makena Huey

Video Producer:                                                                                   Special Edition Editor:

Marisa Dragos                                                                                       Quinn Mathys


News Editor: 

James Moore

News Assistant Editors:

Kyle McCabe

Lindsey Sullivan

News Assistants:

Vernie Covarrubias

Emily Shaw


News Staff Writers: 

Julie Lee

Brianna Willis

News Designer: 

Ali Levens



Sports Editor:

Karl Winter

Sports Assistant:

Taylor Gather

Sports Copy Editor:

Bryant Loney

Sports Staff Writers:

Ali Levens

Paxton Ritchey

Austin Hall



Art Editor: 

Madeline Duvall

Assistant Art Editors:

Caitlin Roark

Ally Armstrong


Elizabeth Brummer

Gabby DiGiovanni

Samantha Miller


Section Designers: 

Hannah Lee

Ellia Melin


Podcast Director: 

Kaelin Mendez



Advertising Director:

Soni Rusagara

Advertising Manager: 

Maya McDowell

Advertising Representative:

Bryan Munguia


Director of Student Journalism:

Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Director of Journalism:

Courtenay Stalling


Life and Arts: 

Life and Arts Editor:

Savannah Welch

Life and Arts Assistant Editor:

Maria Belen Iturralde

Life and Arts Assistant:

Lauren Chivers

Life and Arts Copy Editor:

Grace Wood

Life and Arts Page Designer:

Daniela Singleterry

Life and Arts Staff Writer:

Nicole Witt

Caroline Sharpless






Perspectives Editor:

Camryn Gordon

Perspectives Assistant:

AJ Muonagolu

Perspectives Copy Editor: 

Tiffany Hall

Perspectives Staff Writer:

Lexi Scanlon


Abroad Correspondents:

Ashley Mowreader

Sawa Yamakawa

Rowan Toke

Joe Yuengert


Currents Magazine:

Currents Editor in Chief:

Makena Huey

Assistant Currents Editors:

Allison Lee

Alex Neis

Currents Section Assistants:

Vernie Covarrubias

Maria Belen Iturralde

Currents Lead Designer:

Logan Wood

Currents Design Assistant:

Melissa Locke



Jeremy Zerbe