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    For help or questions contact elizabeth.smith@pepperdine.edu

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Phone Numbers:

Pepperdine Graphic Media General Contact: (310) 506-4311

Pepperdine Graphic Media Advertising: (310) 506-4318

Pepperdine Graphic Media Senior Edition: TBD


Email Pepperdine Graphic Media: PeppGraphicMedia@gmail.com


Pepperdine Graphic Media Fall 2021 Staff:

Senior Leadership:

Ashley Mowreader — Managing Editor

Karl Winter — Digital Editor

Bryant Loney — Copy Chief 

Annabelle Childers — Currents Editor 

Rowan Toke — Special Edition Editor

Christina Buravtsova — Video Producer

Emily Shaw — News Editor 

Sahej Bhasin — Advertising Director 

Abby Wilt — Pixel Editor

Ali Levens — Creative Director 

Ryan Brinkman — Photo Editor 

Kyle McCabe — Head Podcast Producer

Beth Gonzales — Life & Arts Editor 

Anitiz Muonagolu — Perspectives Editor

Alec Matulka — Sports Editor

Samantha Miller — Art Editor

Inez Kim — Business Director


News Editor: Emily Shaw                                           News Assistant Editor: Samantha Torre

News Assistant: Liza Esquibias                                       News Assistant: Reagan Phillips

Design Assistant: Lillian Fong                                              Staff Writer: William Bacon

Staff Writer: Graeson Claunch                                         Staff Writer: Sierra Moses

Life and Arts:

Life and Arts Editor: Beth Gonzales                                       Life and Arts Assistant Editor: Addison Whiten

Staff Writer: Lydia duPerier                                                     Staff Writer: Stella Zhang

Staff Writer: Jessica Wang                                                         Staff Writer: Holly Fouche

Design Assistant: Emilia Lekhter                                              Staff Writer: Tim Gay

Copy Editor / Staff Writer: Yamillah Hurtado


Perspectives Editor: Anitiz Muonagolu                              Perspectives Assistant: Sawatomo Yamakawa

Perspectives Assistant Editor: Sarah Best                Perspectives Assistant Editor: Emily Chase

Staff Writer: Christian Parham                                            Design Assistant: Rachel Marek

Copy Editor: Ryan Bresingham


Sports Editor: Alec Matulka                                            Staff Writer: Jerry Jiang

Staff Writer: Malia Bambrick                                           Staff Writer: Austin LeDe

Staff Writer: Joe Doonan                                                   Design Assistant: Kaitlyn Davis

Copy Editor: Whitney Bussell


Art Editor: Samantha Miller                                            Art Assistant Editor: Leah Bae

Staff Artist: Brian Zhou                                                             Staff Artist: Autumn Hardwick

Staff Artist: Vivian Hsia

Creative Director: Ali Levens

Design Assistant: Emilia Lekhter                                Design Assistant: Rachel Marek

Design Assistant: Kaitlyn Davis                                      Design Assistant: Lillian Fong

Design Assistant: Aaron Yang                                          Design Assistant: Zoe Macarewa

Design Assistant: Meredith Nover                                   Design Assistant: Mariah Hernandez

Design Assistant: Ivan Manriquez                                  Design Assistant: Haley Hoidal

Currents Magazine:

Currents Magazine Editor: Annabelle Childers                          Currents Assistant Editor: Marley Penagos

Currents Assistant Editor: Emily Morton                                          Currents Production Assistant I: Lydia duPerier

Currents Production Assistant II: Sam Torre                              Social Media Coordinator: Sofia Longo

Photo Editor: Megan Williams


Photo Editor: Ryan Brinkman                                               Assistant Photo Editor: Dane Bruhahn

Assistant Photo Editor: Mercer Greene                         Staff Photographer: Brandon Rubsamen

Staff Photographer: Ella Coates                                       Staff Photographer: Ashton Bell

Staff Photographer: Chloe Chan                                       Staff Photographer: Joel Hendrick

Staff Photographer: Denver Patterson


Head Podcast Producer: Kyle McCabe                             Podcast Producer: Anitiz Muonagolu

Podcast Producer: Karl Winter                                          Podcast Producer: Celine Foreman

Podcast Production Assistant: Joe Allgood


Advertising Director: Sahej Bhasin                                  Business Director: Inez Kim

Social Media:

Digital Editor: Karl Winter                                                  Digital Assistant Editor: Ryan Bough

Social Team: Sofia Longo                                                     Pixel Editor / Social Team: Abby Wilt

Social Team: Christian Parham


GNews Producer: Christina Buravtsova                                Crew: Ryan Bough

Crew: Gabrielle Salgado                                                            Crew: Maria Tsvetkova

Crew: Alex Payne                                                                         Crew: Sofia Reyes

Crew: Hunter Dunn

Director of Pepperdine Graphic Media:

Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Director of Pepperdine Graphic Media:

Courtenay Stallings

Currents Magazine Advisor:

Christina Littlefield