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Phone Numbers:

Pepperdine Graphic Media General Contact: (310) 506-4311

Pepperdine Graphic Media Advertising: (310) 506-4318


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PGM Staff Application

Please use Google Chrome as your browser when filling out the application. Email PeppGraphicMedia@gmail.com with any questions.

Staff Email Addresses:

Online Producer:

Jennevieve Fong

Social Media Manager:

Rachel Marquez

Print Managing Editor:

Rachel Ettlinger

Associate Editor: 

Lauren Davila

Copy Chief: 

Samantha Gonzales

G News Producer:

Bryce Hanamoto


News Editor: 

Cassie Stephenson

Senior Reporter:

Julia Naman

Assistant News Editor:

Sebastian Lopez Barba

News Assistants:

Allison Lee

Gathenji Njoroge

Madeleine Carr


Sports Editor:

Kyle Cajero

Assistant Sports Editors:

Jackson Hogan

Arthur Puu

Sports Assistants:

Erin Himes


Director of Student Journalism:

Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Director of Journalism:

Courtenay Stallings


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Perspectives Editor:

Sarah Kiker

Assistant Perspectives Editor:

Abigail Van Horn

Perspectives Assistants: 

Rachelle Holdridge


Life and Arts Editor:

Shannon Hansen

Assistant Life and Arts Editor:

Lidia Bayne

Life and Arts Assistants:

Symphony Barnes


Currents Editor-in-Chief:

Kristin Vartan

Assistant Currents Editor:

Paola Ramos

Evelyn Lee

Currents Photo Editor:

Zach Le

Currents Assistant:

Kelly Rodriguez


Copy Editors:

Bria Dunlap

Chad Jimenez

Photo Editor:

Terra Atwood

Art Editor:

Sybil Zhang

Graduate Assistant:

Nate Barton 

Graduate Assistant of Advertising:

Falon Barton 

Advertising Manager: 

Jonathan Opsahl