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Phone Numbers:

Pepperdine Graphic Media General Contact: (310) 506-4311

Pepperdine Graphic Media Advertising: (310) 506-4318

Pepperdine Graphic Media Senior Edition: TBD


Email Pepperdine Graphic Media: PeppGraphicMedia@gmail.com


Pepperdine Graphic Media Spring 2021 Staff:

Senior Leadership:

Makena Huey — Executive Editor

English Writing & Rhetoric major from San Diego, Calif. 

“My favorite aspect of being involved in the Graphic is that, even when remote, the newsroom feels like home, and my team feels like family. It has been a privilege to learn and grow as an individual, a journalist and a leader alongside the rest of the PGM staff.”

Rowan Toke — Managing Editor 

English Writing & Rhetoric and Hispanic Studies major from San Luis Obispo, Calif. 

“I’m involved with the Graphic because I’m passionate about writing, editing and leadership, all of which I practice in my role this semester.”

Brianna Willis — Digital Editor

Journalism major from Los Angeles, Calif. 

“My job at PGM entails all of our online and social content. I serve as the last line of defense before any article goes online and do one last check through the piece. When we have our digital pages, I also put all of our digital pages together and make sure they get online and on our social media sites.”

Tiffany Hall — Copy Chief 

Economics major from Fullerton, Calif.

“My dream job is being a lawyer — possibly working with intellectual property law, specifically — because I want to give a voice to those who need it and to protect individuals from those who would try to take advantage of them.”  

Lindsay Sullivan — Currents Editor 

Journalism major from Fredericksburg, Va. 

“For Currents, I am in charge of overseeing the entire magazine, from planning content, assigning and editing stories, coaching writers and seeing the magazine through production to print!”

Marisa Dragos — Video Producer

Economics major from Pasadena, Calif. 

“As video producer, I write, edit and oversee all of our IGTV content highlighting news content and individual students.”

Ashley Mowreader — News Editor 

Journalism major from Puyallup, Wash. 

:I’m involved with the Graphic because it’s required for my major. Just kidding — I love working for the Graphic because I love being able to provide essential news to community members and love getting to know everything first.”

Hadley Biggs — Business Director 

Political Science and Public Relations major from Rogers, Ark. 

“My role is to promote all the sections of the Graphic to the Pepperdine community. I work with a team to come up with different marketing and public relations campaigns. I also assist with the ad director with ad sales.”

Sahej Bhasin — Advertising Director 

Business Administration major from Porter Ranch, Calif. 

“My favorite memory while being in the Graphic was when my first article was published in fall 2020. I never imagined myself being a part of a news organization, and having my first article published showed that anything can be achieved in your life, especially with the support and help of others.”

Emily Shaw — Pixel Editor 

Psychology major from Los Angeles, Calif. 

“I first got involved in the Graphic at the beginning of my first year. Coming into Pepperdine, I didn’t plan on joining, but after meeting staff members of the Graphic, I knew this was a group whose values and mission I wanted to be a part of, and that continues to hold true now.”

Ali Levens — Photo Editor 

Journalism major from Syracuse, Kan.

“I like being able to express myself creatively and to grow as a journalist. I love the close, forever friends I’ve made; I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

Kaelin Mendez — Head Podcast Producer

Journalism and Psychology major, from Los Angeles, Calif.

“In my four years on the Graphic, I have learned that it’s okay to not be okay after covering a difficult story, you can find family in the workplace and each project is a collaborative effort — you’re never in it alone.”

Sofia Longo — Life & Arts Editor 

Public Relations major from Huntington Beach, Calif. 

“My dream job is to work for the LA Chargers or Dodgers because I love sports and working in media.”

Anitiz Muonagolu — Perspectives Editor

Psychology major from Houston, Texas

“I want to have honest and equitable exposure in the media for everyone.”

Paxton Ritchey — Sports Editor

Journalism major from Sandwood, Wash.

“As a major sports fan, working for the Graphic also keeps me close to the action and gives me a window into players and coaches, and I love being able to share that with our readers and listeners.”

Isabella Teague — Lead Designer 

Advertising major from Palmdale, Calif.

“My favorite part about being a part of the Graphic is getting to be a part of such a hardworking team that really gets excited to get good work out the front door.”


News Editor: Ashley Mowreader                                           News Assistant Editor: Kyle McCabe

News Assistant Editor: Natalie Hardt                                       News Assistant: Miles Cambell

News Assistant: Abby Wilt                                                          News Assistant: Samantha Torre

News Assistant: Annabelle Childers                                         News Assistant: Reagan Phillips

Staff Writer: Joseph Allgood                                                     Staff Writer: Claire Lee

Life and Arts:

Life and Arts Editor: Sofia Longo                                        Life and Arts Assistant Editor: Beth Gonzales

Life and Arts Assistant: Heath Slavens                                Staff Writer: Harleen Chhabra

Staff Writer: Abby LaPine                                                     Staff Writer: Addison Whiten

Staff Writer: Grace Wood                                                     Staff Writer: Stella Zhang

Staff Writer: Xinyun Wang                                                    Staff Writer: Lindsay Mase

Copy Editor: Yamillah Hurtado


Perspectives Editor: Anitiz Muonagolu                              Perspectives Assistant Editor: Sawatomo Yamakawa

Perspectives Assistant Editor: Christian Parham                Perspectives Assistant: Emily Chase

Staff Writer: Alice Han                                                           Staff Writer: Joshua Evans

Staff Writer: Bryant Yang                                                       Copy Editor: Ryan Bresingham


Sports Editor: Paxton Ritchey                                            Sports Assistant Editor: Justin Touhey

Sports Assistant: Camryn Jones                                           Staff Writer: Karl Winter

Staff Writer: Austin Hall                                                         Copy Editor: Alec Matulka


Art Editor: Allyson Armstrong                                                Art Assistant Editor: Samantha Miller

Staff Artist: Madeline Duvall                                                      Staff Artist: Leah Bae

Staff Artist: Nicole Wong                                                             Staff Artist: Autumn Hardwick


Lead Designer: Isabella Teague

Life & Arts Design Assistant: Nathan Huang                                Perspectives Design Assistant: Rachel Marek

Sports Design Assistant: Lauren Kinder

Currents Magazine:

Currents Magazine Editor: Lindsey Sullivan                           Currents Assistant Editor: Marisa Dragos

Currents Assistant Editor: Ivy Moore                                          Currents Assistant: Lydia duPerier

Currents Assistant: Marley Penagos                                           Currents Assistant: Jolie Lowe

Currents Assistant: Annabelle Childers                                      Photo Editor: Anastasia Condolon

Lead Designer: Melissa Locke                                                      Design Assistant: Joanna Cabalquinto

Design Assistant: Isabella Teague


Photo Editor: Allison Levens                                               Staff Photographer: Leah Bae

Staff Photographer: Keonabelle Paniagua                          Staff Photographer: Ryan Brinkman


Head Podcast Producer: Kaelin Mendez                              Assistant Podcast Producer: Anitiz Muonagolu

Podcast Producer: Ivy Moore                                                   Podcast Producer: Lindsey Sullivan

Podcast Producer: Emily Shaw                                                Podcast Producer: Karl Winter

Podcast Producer: Paxton Ritchey                                          Podcast Production Assistant: Misha Semenov

Podcast Production Assistant: Celine Foreman


Advertising Director: Sahej Bhasin                                  Advertising Representative: Cristobal Delgado

Marketing Coordinator: Bryant Loney

Social Media:

Digital Editor: Brianna Willis                                                  Social Team: Karl Winter

Social Team: Inez Kim                                                                Social Team: Abby Wilt

Social Team: Madilyn Henshaw                                                Social Team: Claudia Hardianto

Director of Pepperdine Graphic Media:

Elizabeth Smith

Assistant Director of Pepperdine Graphic Media:

Courtenay Stallings

Currents Magazine Advisor:

Christina Littlefield