Pepperdine Hosts the 42nd Annual Associates Dinner

Photos by Hadley Biggs President and CEO of Walmart, Doug McMillon, was the keynote speaker at the the 42nd...

0 Comment / Apr 17, 2018 / By Hadley Biggs

Ben Shapiro Talks Acceptable Political Discourse, Racism and Calls Out Pepperdine 'Bitch Fest'

Photos by Cassandra Stephenson Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro shared his views on acceptable...

0 Comment / Apr 12, 2018 / By Cassandra Stephenson

Clubs Discuss Upcoming On-Campus Ben Shapiro Appearance

Photo courtesy of Pepperdine College RepublicansSeveral student organizations gathered Thursday night...

0 Comment / Apr 08, 2018 / By Channa Steinmetz

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