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2019 Senior Edition
Project Manager: Brielle Fraser
Email: PeppSeniorEdition@gmail.com
Phone: (805) 630-2065

Pepperdine Graphic Media, the oldest student organization on campus, publishes an annual Pepperdine Graphic Senior Edition, which serves as a guide for commencement activities, celebrates the graduating seniors and honors the Class of 2019. Parents and relatives are invited to purchase a Graduate Recognition Tribute to honor and celebrate your graduating student. This publication is entirely dedicated to showcasing the students who make up the Class of 2019.

The online order form has a variety of options to meet every budget, and our templates are customized with the photos and text you provide. The order form is accessible at rebrand.ly/pgmGraduateTribute.

Here is the PDF of last year’s Senior Edition.

The Senior Edition will be published April 22, 2019. All orders are due by March 20, 2019.  The issue is going to be a stand-alone, all-color newsprint issue, featuring tribute displays to this year’s seniors. We will distribute the publication on campus and give copies to all graduating seniors on the day before graduation.


Advertising Main Office
Email: PeppGraphicAdvertising@gmail.com
Phone: (310) 506-4318

Director of Advertising: Ben Huyard
Phone: (406) 224-1343

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